How to Make Your Own Shark Phone Case

You know that one that makes a little noise when you touch it?

Well, this one makes a loud, rattling noise too.

And while it looks like it’s made from plastic, it actually is made from metal.

The device is called the “shark case” because the handle is made out of a metal shell that’s been coated with a special coating to help prevent corrosion.

And it’s not just for sharks: the device can be used for all sorts of phones too.

The company behind the device says the case is also made with bamboo, which is “an exceptionally durable and lightweight material” that “will not rust.”

But you’ll need to be prepared for a lot of scratches.

You can even find it in a bag for a few dollars.

And if you don’t mind having to clean it out, the device will last for a long time.

Read moreTech Insider reported that the case has been used to secure a camera, but we didn’t get any details on how much it costs or if it will actually work with that camera.

We’re not sure if it’s waterproof either.

If you want to buy one, the price tag starts at $5.99 for the two sizes.