When you need a new vape phone case with a magpul design?

Magpul’s new vape case is a new design and it comes with a special accessory.

Its called the Magpuls Mini Vape Phone Case, and it is the best way to vape on your smartphone while using the Magpak.

You will find the case on the MagPak website right now, and you can pick up one for $29.99.

We tested the MagPuls Mini and found it to be a very good deal.

Its a little bigger than the other vape cases we’ve reviewed, but you can easily fit two on top of each other.

It has a rubberized exterior, and we like that it has a protective sleeve for the battery.

It comes with two slots to attach the battery and an easy-to-access back.

It also has a removable battery cover that comes with one magnet to attach to the front of the case.

The case is also available with two different colors.

You can get the blue and white version for $24.99, or you can choose to get a grey one for only $29