Apple announces ‘Burga Phone Case’ at WWDC

Apple has announced its first smartphone case, dubbed the Burga Phone Cases.

The new product, which was first spotted on Apple’s official Twitter account, comes in two versions.

The first, called the Burgan Phone Case, comes with an Apple logo on the side.

A burgan logo appears on the front of the case, which is slightly curved and curved back.

The back of the device has the name of the phone, a logo on it and an arrow on the right side.

It has a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top and a microphone on the bottom.

The Burgan Case has a removable back cover that allows you to swap the phone back and forth, and it also has a large 3D Touch icon on the back.

The second version, called Burga Cases, has an Apple Logo on the case and the same 3D touch icon on its back.

It also has an earphone jack on top and the phone has an 8MP camera on top.

The Burga cases will be available for purchase at Apple’s online store beginning in late February.

The Apple Store is located at: The American Conservatives