How to get your black phone back if it’s stolen

The black phone is back!

After being stolen last year, the Samsung Galaxy S6 was given a full repair kit.

It’s now available again.

Read more: Here’s how to get it back if your device is stolen, as well as a full guide on how to set up a networked backup.

We’ve got the full repair guide and detailed instructions for setting up a device’s networked backups, as we explained in this previous article.

If you’re still stuck on a dead end with a black phone, here’s how you can go about getting your handset back.

Step 1: Contact SamsungFor the Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note 4, we recommend contacting Samsung for an in-person appointment, via email, via SMS or in person.

They’ll be happy to help out.

Step 2: Find out what happened to your deviceStep 3: Set up a backupStep 4: Install Samsung’s software to back up your deviceThe Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the most popular Android smartphone, and we’ve put together a guide for setting it up for a fully-functional recovery.

For the Galaxy S5, the best way to get back to life is to download Samsung’s official software.

Step 5: Set your device up to restore dataBack up everything that you have: SD card, battery, camera, SIM card, home screen, and all your files.

Step 6: Set a passwordStep 7: Make sure your phone is connected to the internetStep 8: Turn on Samsung’s recovery featureStep 9: Connect your phone to the InternetStep 10: Connect the phone to a network deviceStep 11: Make a backup to a computer and the computer will be able to restore your data to your phoneStep 12: Turn the phone off and reconnect it to the networkStep 13: When the phone reboots, turn on Samsung Recovery and it will restore all your data.

Step 14: Restart the phone and your device should be back to normal.

Step 15: Install the Samsung recovery software to set it upStep 16: Turn your phone back on and make sure the software is set to restore a full backupOnce your device reboots after this step, you’ll have the full package to restore from your device.

Step 17: Restore your data using Samsung’s backup softwareStep 18: Set the backup passwordStep 19: Connect a network and restart your device, using your recovery passwordStep 20: Connect and restart the device and your backup should be restored.

Step 21: When your device reconnects, turn off Samsung Recovery, and your data should be fully restored.

Step 22: Restores data with Samsung’s restore softwareStep 23: Restored data is now completeStep 24: Restoring data is completeStep 25: Make your Samsung Note 4 your new phoneThe Galaxy Note series is a hybrid of the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 3, which makes the Note 4 one of the first Samsung devices to come with a full software recovery system.

Step 26: Download the Samsung backup software to restore to your Galaxy Note4