3 ways to get a cheaper phone case

How do you buy a phone case?

Here are three cheap phone cases to try, along with their pros and cons.


The iPhone Case The iPhone case for the iPhone 4S costs $150.

It’s not as fancy as Apple’s cheaper phone cases for the iPad, but the price tag is pretty good for what you get.

You get a case that’s made of hard plastic, a leather strap that’s waterproof, and a screen that’s slightly bigger than an iPad.

That’s the iPhone case, but it’s not the only one out there.

You can also get a phone cases with more advanced features like screens, a speaker, and even a USB port.

A few phones are also made with a plastic body that allows for a more sleek look.

The most popular phone case in the U.S. right now is the iPhone Case, which comes in four colors and comes in five different sizes.

It cost $150 on Amazon when it first launched in April of last year.


The Samsung Galaxy Case The Samsung Gear S4 was launched last year, and it’s already sold out.

But the Galaxy S4 phone case is still available for $149.

It has a plastic back, but you can add more to customize it, such as a light, black, and gray back.

It also has a screen protector that protects your screen from scratches and other damage.

The Gear S3 also has similar pricing, but Samsung is offering it for $129.


The HTC One Case HTC’s flagship phone is out for a limited time, and the company is offering its phone case for $150, which is a bit more expensive than Apple’s phone case.

The phone case has a very nice leather strap, but there’s a screen on the back, so it’s hard to use in direct sunlight.

HTC’s phone cases also come in a variety of colors, and they’re available in different sizes, which can make it difficult to tell which one is which.

You also get one phone case with two screens, one with two speakers, and one with a USB charging port.

The biggest difference between these phone cases is that the HTC One comes in three colors and a black color option, which makes it a bit harder to tell.


The OnePlus One OnePlus is still offering the OnePlus One for $99, which isn’t too bad.

It comes in black, white, and silver, and has a larger screen and speaker, as well as a removable back.

OnePlus’ phone cases are made of high-quality material, so they should last you a long time.

It is possible to use the OnePlus phone case to protect your phone from dust and scratches, and there’s even a “snowproof” version that won’t damage your phone if you put it in your car or backpack.


The Sony Xperia Z The Sony Z is Sony’s flagship smartphone, and Sony is still selling its phone cases.

The Z phone case comes in a few different sizes and comes with an attractive leather strap.

It costs $99 on Amazon.

The only other phone case that comes with a screen is the Sony Xperia Compact, which costs $79.

There are also cases for iPhone and Android phones, but these are limited to phones with 6.4-inch displays and are sold only in Europe.


The Moto X The Moto Z phone cases come in two different sizes that are roughly the same size.

They’re $30 on Amazon and $55 on T-Mobile, but Motorola hasn’t officially announced pricing for the Moto X. Motorola hasn, however, said that it will start selling the Moto Z for $49 in the US and Canada this October.

Motorola’s Moto Z phones also come with a 5.7-inch screen, a fingerprint reader, and Android 7.1.1, which adds a few features.

Motorola is also planning to introduce the Moto M, which includes a fingerprint sensor and the Moto Sense app, and an upgraded Moto Display 2, which will add support for larger displays.

Motorola will also offer the Moto Pro 4G, which has a 5-inch display, a higher-resolution camera, and will be the first Moto phone with an 8MP rear camera.


The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet This Lenovo ThinkPads tablet has a 4.7 inch screen, but Lenovo is only selling a 128GB model for $699.

Lenovo also sells the ThinkPad Book, which offers a 4-inch touchscreen, as does the ThinkPods, but only for $399.

Lenovo will be selling the Thinkpad Pro, which features a 4K display, an Intel Core i5 processor, and 8GB of RAM.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Tablet offers a more compact size, and Lenovo is also offering a 128 GB model for a slightly less than $600.


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