When does the next phone case go on sale?

The Apple Watch is a smartphone with a case.

The iPhone 6 Plus is a case with a screen.

And the Galaxy Note 5 is a screen case with an OLED screen.

In the past few months, Apple has been testing various new phone cases and has even offered a $99 version.

But a few weeks ago, the company announced it was working on a new case that would offer a better experience for its customers, and the final product could be on the market by September.

The new phone case has been called “Floating Case” and it is available in three different sizes: Regular, XL and XXL.

According to a new design website that Apple has created, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ will be available in these sizes by the end of September.

According to the design website, the new phone cover is made of a flexible polymer material and is waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter.

It also includes a micro-folding closure system, and an anti-slip back that provides a smooth surface for users to grip.

The iPhone 6 case will be made of anodized aluminum, and it will include an adjustable visor.

The design will be similar to that of the iPhone 7 Plus case, which will come in the same sizes and be released in October.

The new iPhone 6 Case is also going to come in three colors, white, gold and rose gold.

According the design, the case will also feature the Apple logo.

It will be priced at $199 and it comes in white, black, and silver.

The case will retail for $99.

Accordingto the design of the new iPhone case, it is also being developed by an outside company, and will be produced by LG Display.

The LG Display phone case is a 3D display and is available for $149.