How to change the colors of your Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8

We’ve covered the different color options in previous Galaxy phones, and now, Samsung has officially unveiled the colors it will be able to offer for its next two phones.

Starting in November, the company will be offering the same two color options for both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 8, and that’s in addition to the color options available on the Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy A9.

The colors are not exclusive to any particular model, so the color combinations will be available for both models and for the S6 model and the S8 model.

The new color options will be based on the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy A7, Galaxy Tab 7.1, Galaxy Pro 4, and Galaxy Alpha.

The colors for the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy Pro 3 will also be available in new color variations that feature the same shade of blue.

The Galaxy S4 and S5 models will have a blue color, the S5 Pro model will have blue and red, and the Galaxy Alpha will have green.

The Galaxy S models will also get a new gold color that will be featured on the S7, S8, S7 Edge, and S8 Plus.

The S7 edge model will get a black color, and a S8 Pro model has a silver color.

In terms of hardware, the Galaxy X and Galaxy G will be getting the same color variations.

Both phones will also receive a new silver color and a new blue color.

Samsung also has a color for the Note 5 that it says will be more like the silver Galaxy S and Galaxy K versions, with a more traditional blue color and silver accents.

The phone cases for the two phones will be different.

The phone cases will be red with the Galaxy Pro 2, Galaxy Alpha, and Note 5 in black, and white with the Note 3, Note 4 and Galaxy X in a blue, silver, and gold color.

The Note 5 and Galaxy J will be gray, with blue accents on the phone cases.

Both of these phone cases are available in gold and silver for the G and Note 3.

Samsung will also offer both colors in black and white for the A7 and A9, and in silver and black for the Alpha and Note 7.

The S7 Pro will get the gold and red color variants, and it will also come in white and silver.

The new gold and black variant will be the S10 version.

The Note 5 will get both gold and blue colors.

The A7 will get gold and white colors.

Both of these phones will come in gold, silver and silver, white, and black.

Samsung has also released a special edition of the Note 8 for the Samsung Note 7 that comes in a white and blue color variant.

In all, the Samsung phone cases and phone cases from the Note 7, Note 8 and S7 will feature the Galaxy color variants.

The color options on the Note 6 and Galaxy Plus will be black, silver or gold.