Why we like the Dior phone cases

I don’t know why the Dormouse Phone Case is my favorite phone case.

I mean, if it’s designed to hold your phone and make it look like you’re holding it, then why not?

The design and materials of the DorkPhoneCase are just gorgeous.

You know the kind: a sleek and slim body that feels nice against your skin, with an adjustable shoulder strap that is just a little too large for my small hands.

The shoulder strap is a little bit too large.

This is probably because I am a big fan of the phone case I wore when I bought this phone: This phone case has the same design as the phone, and it is made out of a sturdy material that is soft and smooth, not too slippery, and not too bulky.

It is a solid, yet sturdy material. 

This is a phone case for people who wear skinny jeans.

It is designed to be comfortable on your shoulders, not your arms, so it fits nicely over the sides of your jeans, under your shirts, and even under your shoes. 

The Dork Phone Case has a simple, but functional design.

As I mentioned above, it’s not the best looking phone case in the world. 

It doesn’t have a nice, glossy finish, and I don