How do you like your phone case?

There are some cases that you can’t go wrong with and others that are the best of both worlds.

For those who want something with a more luxurious look, there’s no better option than the Pelican Phone Case.

A very sleek and attractive phone case that’s perfect for the busy lifestyle, this case is designed to keep your phone in place even if you’re not wearing it all the time.

It has a removable pocket, a back cover, and a built-in battery for a maximum of six hours of talk time.

You can also purchase a phone case with a built in battery, and this can also be upgraded to an external battery, for an extra $20.

While it’s not cheap, the PelicoPhone Case is definitely worth checking out if you want something sleek and comfortable to wear.

In case you’re looking for a more premium option, check out the PelcoPhone Case.

The design is also made of leather, making it durable enough to be used for extended periods of time.