‘Sunflower phone’ case with Apple logo on the back sells for $1,999 on eBay

The “Sunflower Phone Case” is a $1.9 million item on eBay for the “Sunbean” phone case, which has the Apple logo engraved into the front.

The phone case measures 19.9 x 10.7 x 0.8 inches and comes with a black plastic case, a black metal cover, a red power button and a white LED display.

The case has a black exterior and is packaged in a plastic box with a sticker on the side that reads, “You get this case for free with the purchase of a new iPhone.”

The seller also says the case comes with “a protective pouch” and a “smart case that comes with extra padding and dust protection.”

The item was last sold for $2,500, but it has now been removed from the seller’s eBay page.