Amazon unveils new phones that can capture your selfie

The Inc. is making a big push to capture your every moment, including the time you are taking a selfie.

The online retailer will soon launch the new Amazon Shutterfly phones, which it says will be the first phones to capture photos on a phone and record them as a video.

It has also announced a new camera app that will let you take a picture from anywhere in the world and share it to social media.

The new cameras also have a video feature, allowing you to shoot videos from anywhere.

The Shutterflies will be available at a starting price of $129 for the 8-inch model and $159 for the 16-inch one.

The $299 10-inch Shutter Fly is $499.

“We are committed to bringing our customers a new kind of photography experience that’s easy to use and comfortable to wear,” said Mike Hensley, Amazon’s vice president of global product development.

“The Amazon Shuterfly and Amazon Shutfly 10 will enable you to capture moments with the greatest ease, and capture even more of them with the latest cameras.”

Amazon has a long history of making its products more comfortable for people with disabilities.

It offers special glasses for people whose hands are paralyzed, an app that can read people’s thoughts, and a voice recognition feature that allows customers to answer questions.

The company also recently released an app to help people with autism or intellectual disabilities use apps more naturally.

The app, called the Amazon App for Autism, allows people with a special need to access the Amazon app and search for apps from a wide range of companies.

“Our customers are not only people with special needs, but also people with many other disabilities,” said Hensie, who is also Amazon’s chief financial officer.

“They are the ones who will be using the Amazon Shutters for the longest time.”