This is what I learned from the VapePhone case review

The Vape Phone case is one of the first cases I ever purchased, and it’s definitely one of my favorites.

The phone’s rounded edges and matte finish have a unique look that I feel can only be found in a phone case.

The front panel has a little fingerprint scanner, a speaker grille, a camera shutter button, and a small fingerprint reader.

The rear of the case is a bit thinner, but has a rounded edge that can be pushed in to make it slightly longer and longer.

The side panels are all rounded, and the sides of the phone cover are a little curved to make the edges look more flush.

The back is also rounded, but the back cover doesn’t have a camera button.

On the front, you have a fingerprint reader, speaker grilles, a micro USB port, a MicroSD card slot, and micro-USB charging ports.

The headphone jack is also in there, as well as a mic jack, speaker, and volume controls.

You can access all the ports in the back, too, but it looks a little small compared to the others.

This case can also hold up to three devices in the top-right corner.

The sides of this case are flat, and you can attach any kind of hardware that’s not a phone.

This is especially useful when you’re using an iPhone, as you can take your phone in the other direction with no problems.

This phone case has a good feel, but is definitely not waterproof, which I like.

The Vapetower case has an almost identical design to the VapPhone case, except it’s thinner.

The only differences are the case’s rounded corners, the camera shutter buttons, and an additional microphone button.

The bottom of this VapTower case is flat and smooth, and is the only one that I found to be water resistant.

The top side of the Vampower case, however, is a little bit rounded.

It has a metal lip that can slide over the top of the battery compartment.

The battery compartment is lined with plastic that feels like it’s not waterproof.

The case also has a speaker grill that can make it easier to take your headphones out of the device.

There’s also a micro-SD card reader on the bottom of the screen, and Micro-USB ports on the front.

Overall, I like the design of this phone case, but there’s no way to say that it’s the best option for everyone.

The Verdict Pros The case is sturdy and has a lot of different features.

It’s one of those cases that’s perfect for a long-lasting phone, and I really like the rounded edges that make the case look more like a phone in its design.

The camera shutter is also very useful.

Cons It’s not water-resistant.

The micro-card reader is a pain to get to.