“Danganronpaku” smartphone case is now available at Amazon.com

Danganronpo, the PlayStation 4 exclusive that launched last year, has been getting a lot of hype lately and is looking to do well in the long run.

The game is set to launch for PlayStation 4 this November.

The new Danganri-san smartphone case comes in black, grey, red, white and purple and is made of PVC.

It is priced at $19.99.

The smartphone case was created in collaboration with the popular fashion label Pirellis, which has collaborated with the famous fashion label.

The phone case is also available at the brand’s website for $10.

The Pirelli smartphone case, which is designed to keep the phones phone case together, was launched back in June.

It was released on Amazon, with an initial shipment expected to be completed by November, but it’s not yet clear how much demand for the smartphone case has been for the phone case.