Strawberry Phone Case Makes Me Think About My Parents

My parents’ phone cases made me think about my mom and dad.

And I thought of my mom, who died from a stroke while living in California.

I think of the day my mom died.

I was 12 years old, and I was at home with my mom’s phone in her hand.

My dad called her.

He had a message for her.

I didn’t hear it.

I felt like I had just left a room with a bunch of flowers.

I called my mom.

She answered the phone.

She called me a few minutes later, and then called my dad, who was at work.

He didn’t know what to do.

He told me, “It’s not my phone, it’s your phone.”

My mom was dead.

It was a devastating experience.

I remember looking at her phone and thinking, “I never thought my mom would be my mom.”

It’s the only phone that I have in my hand.

I didn’t understand why.

I think I thought, “Well, if it’s mine, I’ll never be able to get it back.”

I never had to worry about that again.

My mom was my best friend.

She was always there for me, and she always wanted to help.

She would help me with anything.

She used to always bring me toys, or when I needed something, or if I wanted something for Christmas, she would make me something.

She never stopped.

I don’t think that’s possible in any other family.

But that day was the most challenging day of my life.

I thought about all of my friends, all of the things I did for them.

It’s really hard to live without someone you care about.

I would never have done something like that without her.

My family was incredibly supportive, but we weren’t always that way.

We were a really tight-knit family.

My mom didn’t want to have a conversation with anyone.

She wasn’t always the most comfortable person in the house, but I think she understood.

I always tried to be kind and kind and loving to people, because she loved me.

My parents didn’t have much money.

I used to go to school and play in the park.

But my mom used to come home and pick me up, and that was very important to her.

My mother used to say to me, I want you to know, I love you more than anything in the world.

And that’s something I didn [always] have to be able be like.

But I was very grateful for that, and it was something I really, really needed.

I started a business.

It wasn’t a business for a long time, but it’s been a successful one, and my parents supported it.

My parents would say, “You have a job, you have a business, you’re doing something,” and I would say I’m just happy to be here.

My dad never went into business, but he did go into the arts and crafts business, which is what my mom bought me.

He sold it to a family that owns a restaurant.

My Mom took a lot of pride in that, too.

I just wanted to be happy.

It had to be something that would bring me happiness, and the money I made was just to buy something.

I wasn’t doing anything that was making money, so I was happy.

My mother died in 2014.

I have a photo of her, with my hands on her shoulders, on my phone.

My phone is still there.

I’m in the office, and her phone is on the floor.

I am sitting there, holding her phone, and thinking about her, and what she meant to me.

I miss her, she is gone, but her spirit lives on in my heart.

My best friend is a big part of my happiness.

She is the only person I have that makes me happy, and even though I don�t have a lot in life, I know I have her.

Her passion for my dad is what really keeps me going.

She always puts up with me when I get stressed out.

I can’t explain it.

She has a lot to say.

I wish she would have lived longer.

She could have had a little more time to really grow up.

But it was all worth it.