I’m the new guy, and I need to be the new girl

I have a job that pays $15 an hour, I have two daughters, and a newborn baby.

My salary is about $100,000 per year.

My boss, a man I will call David, pays a minimum of $14,000.

If you’ve ever had a job in tech, it’s probably been like this: I worked the phones, but I didn’t really care about the phone itself, or the people in the phones.

If I wanted to have a baby, I’d get a surrogate.

If David wanted to get a new job, he’d be happy to work with me.

I love this job.

It’s what I do best.

My daughter, who is just eight, is always asking, “Daddy, daddy, daddy.”

She wants to know if I’ve got a boyfriend or something.

I’m like, “I have no boyfriend.”

David, meanwhile, is more concerned about his daughter.

We have to take her to a pediatrician.

They’ll take her out for an MRI, a blood test, a CT scan.

It costs a couple hundred bucks a visit.

“Daddy,” I ask, “are you having a kid?”

“No,” he says.


I ask.

“Because I can’t afford a baby.”

David tells me about an acquaintance he’d had on the job.

“He had an appointment, but the doctor said he was too busy,” David says.

The friend didn’t have any money to pay for his own child.

David had already hired a lawyer to file a complaint.

David and I get to talking about how we’ll be better off without a job, because our kids will be in school, and it’ll be easier for us to focus on our children.

We’re talking about what I think is the future of the labor force.

David says, “That’s the most exciting thing we’ve talked about in 20 years.

That’s the best job we can have.”

We’re sitting in his living room.

David is balding and balding.

He’s wearing his hair short, and he’s wearing a white shirt, a tie, and black jeans.

“I’m in my 40s now,” he tells me.

He has a thick mustache, a big, big mouth, and an expression of utter happiness.

“This is the best fucking job I’ve ever been offered,” he said.

I think about my career.

I was a bartender for 20 years, and there’s a big gap between what I was paid and what I’m actually doing.

“The difference between the guy in the bar and the guy on the phone is not money,” David said.

“That gap is people.

It is people who will do whatever it takes to keep you around.

If they are a doctor, if they are an accountant, if someone is a construction worker, if you want to be a nurse, if somebody wants to be an accountant or lawyer, they’ll take care of you.”

David says he can’t wait to start a family.

He told me he thinks about how much he loves his job, and how lucky he is to be able to do it.

“Life is not easy.

Life is hard,” he told me.

“But I’m not going to get bored.

I’ll have a family, and then I’m going to do what I love.”

David is a very happy man, and very, very excited about his new job.

He is a computer scientist.

He loves coding, and loves working with other people.

He talks about how he’s getting the most out of his time here, and that he’ll get to do more of what he loves.

David loves to talk about the work he does, and about the things he’s learned.

“My wife and I had a baby last year,” he recalls.

“And that was a really good experience.

That was an experience I would want to repeat.

The baby was not born.

But it felt good.

It felt like a family.”

David said he’s not sure he’ll be able, in the future, to do that again.

“It’s not going anywhere,” he admits.

He says, I can work at Google for another five years, but my heart’s not in it.

I want to work for another 10 years.

I can still have my own kids, and have them grow up and have jobs.

“What will happen to the country?”

I asked him.

“If you are a woman in a position of power, you’ll be treated worse,” he replied.

He laughs, and says, We’ll have more kids.

He said that he feels like he has a new future ahead of him, but he’s worried that he’s going to have to do things the old way.

“You have to have your own career,” he reminded me.

But he also said, I love my job. And