Samsung unveils ‘beautiful’ phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will have a new case made by French company LVMH, and it will be the first Samsung phone to feature a case made entirely of metal.

The Galaxy Note 4’s case has a metal rim that is made of glass and polycarbonate, and this case will have an added layer of plastic for added durability, according to the company.

The case for the Galaxy S 5 will also feature a protective lens, which Samsung says is the “world’s first metal lens” and will be able to protect against “extremely sharp impacts, shock, and the impact of sharp objects.”

The company says it has already received numerous requests from consumers who want to get their hands on the case, and is currently testing prototypes.

Samsung says that all Galaxy S models will have the case in the near future.

The new case will be made of high-quality materials like polycarbonatlas and polyester, and Samsung says it is also working on “other materials,” including metal and leather.