Japanese authorities arrest 15 people over killing of Chinese smartphone

Japanese police on Wednesday arrested 15 people accused of killing a Chinese smartphone user during a robbery in Tokyo, the capital.

The 15 were accused of taking the smartphone from a woman who had fallen ill during a shoplifting incident, according to Tokyo police, who said the man had been in the country for the past four months and was in his mid-30s.

The woman, identified only as Y, had been hospitalized after a seizure.

Police found a black Samsung Galaxy S6 running and in an ambulance at the scene, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department said.

Y, who was in her mid-20s, was taken to the police station and later released without charges, it said in a statement.

Police said the robbery was the latest in a string of high-profile incidents involving stolen smartphones in Japan in recent months.

The suspects, who were among five arrested in a nationwide crackdown on smartphone theft, are believed to have been working for the Chinese manufacturer.

Police have arrested a group of suspects in the past year in the city of Nagoya and in neighboring Osaka, in a series of high profile robberies.